Home and Business Alarm Monitoring

Do you know what is happening at your home, business or any other properties?

I-Monitor Home security alarm monitoring

I-Monitor Business security alarm monitoringCPF Security would like to provide you with secure protection and peace of mind monitoring.  We offer aftersales support and the technical backup for your security monitoring system.  Our service also incorporate the monitoring of electric fences, fire systems, water levels, substations and much more.


The CPF Security system will notify you of the following:

  • An alarm condition: e.g. burglary reception door. (per Zone)
  • If the system in armed or disarmed: Closing by James (by user name)
  • A Power failure

The Monthly instalment includes :

I-Monitor Holiday Homes security monitoring

  • 100 SMS's to you and key people on your contact list. (within ±30 sec)
  • A history report of all the alarms activated for up to 3 months

No discrimination on the monthly instalments regarding to private or business applications.


Green LEDDownload the Power Point Show here to see how it works

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