Panic Button System

R2 396.61

I-Monitor Panic / Medical Pack

The panic pack is compatible with static hardwired panic buttons, as well as remote panic buttons.When a panic is activated the unit will trigger a siren, radio transmitter as well as an optional strobe for 3 minutes. All activation's can be reset via the remote control or the hardwired panic button.

Notification to friends, family, guards or members in ±30 seconds.  Low battery cut-out @ 10V DC will safeguard the battery from deep discharge.


  • 2x remote panic buttons,
  • Tamper switch
  • Transformer,
  • Charger in a metal enclosure.

i-Monitor Red LED NOTE: 7Ah 12V Battery is NOT included in package.

Panic Medical Pack Remote


  • Office panic
  • Shop panic
  • Home panic
  • Factory panic
  • Guard house panic
Description Cost excl
Once Off  
Panic / Medical Pack R1 400.00
GSM Radio transmitter R 834.00
  R2 234.00
Additional remote panic button (2x Incl in Kit) R109.88
Instalation Fee not included  (Subcontractor)
Monthly contract  
Monthly monitoring fee R 119.13
Cim card network fee R43.48
  R 162.61
TOTAL R2 396.61


Price: R2 396.61
Weight: 1 kg
Dimensions: 300 mm × 270 mm × 90 mm